Lawn Care Resource Page

This page includes recommendations for products to help you in your lawn care business.  

Zero Turn Mowers​

Scag, Hustler, Gravely, Exmark....others

I have owned many zero turn mowers.  My top two choices are Scag and Hustler.  Gravely makes a great mower that is a little more affordable.  Exmark is the industry leader.  There are other great companies producing zero turn mowers.  These are my favorites.  Other factors when choosing a mower include personal preference, dealer location, dealer support, and pricing.  A 48" mower is very versatile for starting out.  A 52" or 54" mower gives you a little more efficiency on larger properties while still being useful no small properties.  60" mowers or larger can help you tackle the big accounts.  

String Trimmers

Husqvarna and Stihl 

I love the husqvarna trimmers.  I owned the 326ls which was great at only 9 lbs.  Now I am using the 525ls which is a great trimmer and includes anti-vibration features.  

 Stihl also makes a great trimmer.  My first choice would be the Stihl FS 94 R which a Stihl dealer described to me as the closest thing to the old FS 80 which was fantastic.  My second choice for a Stihl would be a Stihl FS 90 R.  

Backpack Blowers​

Redmax....I don't have a 2nd choice

I don't know how to improve on Redmax blowers at the moment.  It is the one piece of equipment in which I have the most confidence.  They are dependable and powerful.  Highly recommended.  If you are starting out or targeting smaller properties, you could buy the Redmax EBZ5150RH.  There are 3 models larger than that as well with the largest being the Redmax EBZ8500RH which is a powerful beast of a blower.  I prefer the models with RH which have the throttle mounted on the tube of the blower.  The models without RH have the throttle on the left side of the blower.  Check out the models at  You often buy brand new Redmax blowers on ebay.



I admittedly rarely use an edger and do not own one at this time.  They are very handy when edging properties with many sidewalks or curbs.  In, my opinion edgers are also easier to use than edging with a string trimmer so many prefer using a edger.   If I were to buy one off the shelf, it would probably be a Stihl FC 90.  

Hedge Trimmers


I prefer the long handle hedge trimmers which allow you to handle tall shrubs.  I also find them to be less straining on my back.  Short trimmers are great as well at about half the cost.  I would buy Stihl.  A long handle model to consider would be the Stihl HL 100.  I short model to consider is the Stihl HS 81 R.


Too many too list...but here are a few
  • String Trimmer Line - I use .095 diameter.  The spool I currently use is the one shown here.
  • 2 cycle oil - I recommend Opti-2 oil.  It contains a fuel stabilizer.  Also, you can mix the same amount of oil for any ratio, which means you can run equipment needing 40:1 fuel and equipment needing 50:1 fuel from the same gas can.  Don't ask me how that works but I have been using it for years and have been pleased with how my 2 cycle equipment is holding up.  You can purchase a 34 oz bottle which makes measuring easy and then buy the gallon jug to refill the smaller bottle.  That is what I do.
  • String Trimmer head- I love speedfeed heads.  I prefer the smaller model on the left.  It holds about 12-15 ft of line.  The larger model on the right holds more line, but will require a powerful trimmer.  I have used both and they are great.  I can literally load my trimmer line in 30 seconds, just as they advertise.  They come with adapters to fit most commercial trimmers.  They are not complicated to install but can be tricky the first time.   
  • Staying Cool in the Summer-  Sun Hats and cool towels are a great way to stay cool in the heat.  
  • Engine Oil - Last year, I switch to synthetic oil in my mower.  Recently, a dealer told me to use 10w-30.  I plan to continue with the synthetic oil or possibly switch to the engine manufacturer's recommended oil (kohler oil for a kohler engine)
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle - I use a 45 degree Latitude water bottle.  It is 64 ounces and of course keeps drinks hot or cold all day.  I carry it with me in my work truck. Great price also. 


Work Boots....Golden Fox and Danner Boots

Golden Fox makes the current boots that I wear.  You can check out their selection at They are less expensive than Danner.  I have owned both brands and been very pleased with each. Both brands are very comfortable and easy to walk in for miles.  

Fertilizer and Weed Control Products

harrells fertilizer
Harrell's...My fertilizer and weed control products supplier

Fertilizer Spreader (push)


After researching push spreaders, I purchased a Spyker.  My spreader is the Stainless Steel S60-8020.  I have been very pleased with Spyker.  The spreader throws an even pattern.  It is strong and sturdy.  The criticism behind Spyker spreader has been the heavier weight.  I do not find it to be overly heavy. I have been pleased and would purchase another Spyker.  

Fertilizer Spreader/Sprayer (ride on)

Ground Logic

Switching to a ride on spreader/sprayer has been a game changer for my lawn care business.  For one, it is much less tiring to ride than push.  That may seem obvious but worth mentioning.  Also, having a ride on machine makes larger properties easier to tackle while still being able to use the same machine on smaller properties.  I use a Ground Logic Pathfinder machine carried on a rack made by B & B Technologies.  Being able to put my Ground Logic machine on a rack prevents me from pulling a trailer and makes the machine more secure to transport.    

Backpack Sprayers


I am using Jacto Backpack Sprayers for my lawn care business.  The two models I currently use are:

Fire Ant Control in the Lawn

 Advion Fire Ant Bait

 Advion fire ant bait is the product I use to keep fire ants out of my lawn and my customer's lawns.     

Marketing Materials​

Alabama lawn pros thank you card

I have used other companies for printing items such as postcards and business cards, but I find that I use vistaprint for much of my basic printing like business cards.  

Yard Signs

Great for Fertilization Companies

I purchased my last set of yard signs from has great quality signs that hold up well in the weather.

Spray Units

Graham Spray Equipment

I use a 400 gallon  spray unit with a split tank (300/100 split) made by Graham Spray Equipment.  It is equipped with a 300 foot hose mounted on a Haney reel.  My unit has a Bean pump.  The staff at Graham have been great to work with and they make a great product.  Graham is based in Geogia.    If you are looking for a less expensive option for a spray unit, you may consider a Lesco unit.  You can learn about Graham Spray Equipment at

Commercial Push Mowers

 Toro and Exmark 

 I have some experience with both Toro and Exmark commercial push mowers.  The videos to the left gives a brief review of them both while explaining some of the differences between the two.  No doubt that the commercial push mowers are much better than a residential model.  The question is whether your business has enough need to justify the additional cost.  

Residential Push Mowers

 Honda engine is my choice

 I have typically used a residential model push mower for my lawn care business, simply because I don't take very many lawns requiring a push mower.  I tend to focus on mowers with a Honda engine.  You can either buy a Honda mower or find another brand with a Honda engine like the ones shown here.    

Website Design/SEO/Payment Processing

 Yorty Designs

 Yorty Designs created my lawn care website which can be seen at  My website continues to be my #1 tool for gaining customers for my lawn care business.  Yorty Designs works with many lawn care businesses building websites, providing search engine optimization services, as well as offering a credit card processor feature on websites so customers can pay through the lawn care business website.  Check out Yorty Designs here.  

Lawn Care Logos

What's Your Budget for a Logo?

There are a number of options for getting a logo for your lawn care business depending on your budget.   There is a choice of lawn care logos are available on our website for $49.   You can see those here.  For larger budgets, you may consider running a contest on or  You could also hire a graphic designer directly to create a logo for you.  You could also use a company like which has a great portfolio.    


Lawn Care Letters

You're at the right place

I offer 19 letters that I use in my own business available for $29.  You download the letters in Microsoft Word format so you can edit them and you them for your own lawn care business.  Many people have purchased these for their business.  Check them out here.  

Lawn Care Software

Go to and sign up for FREE!

 If you are starting out or running a fairly small lawn care business, I highly recommend using  It is a free lawn care software which I have personally used and highly recommend.  It has a built in credit card processor in the software.  There are other options available, but personally, I am very pleased with yardbook.

Business Books

A couple of my favorites

 The E-Myth Revisited is probably my favorite business book.  It is an easy read.  I find myself using this book to help shape the way I run my own lawn care business.  Dave Ramsey's book is another recommended business book with practical advice to help your business.   I used a free 30 day trial of to listen to E-myth Landscape Contractor.  I recommend trying so you can download one of the books free also.  You can keep the book even if you cancel within the first 30 free days.

Get one of these books as an audio book for free by downloading a free 30 trial of  

Office Printer

Brother is the brand for me

 After being frustrated with another brand of printer, I finally asked a person in the printing industry which brand printer to buy.  He recommend Brother and I have been pleased.  Of course, they are not without flaws, but it is an upgrade over the previous brand.  A small inkjet printer may be all you need for light printing.  If your lawn business requires more printing, then you may consider a laser printer for more speed and to lower your cost per print.    Pick one up on amazon or at your local office store.

I hope you have found these product recommendations helpful.  Best Wishes as your build your own lawn care business.